Family Dollar — Profiling, false accusations and slander by employees. I took my relative who just moved in that area to buy some things she needed on Sunday May 21,2023 and she purchased and paid for the items she needed. She needed a new phone so I took her here again the next day Monday may 22, 2023 at approximately at 12 o’clock pm and looked at a phone to purchase. So we proceeded to the checkout counter for assistance in opening the phone case and getting the phone she wanted to buy. After requesting the cashiers assistance she stated, before you buy anything I just want yall to know yesterday when yall were in here they suspected we were stealing!!! Every item we needed was paid for upon checkout! I was in shock! I have money, a job, and a spotless legal record for my My entire life of 49 yrs! After she told me they thought we were stealing. I put the home Decor in wanted to purchase back on the shelf and told her we would never spend another dollar there again and I was contacting coroerate ti file a complaint…i know they have cameras so coroerate needs to to take a lock at that so it will prove nothing was stolen or taken and was paid for in full!!! You cannot profe, accuse, and then make slanderous comments to customers especially when everything we picked out was in plain sight and paid for and holding the recieopt from that purchase! There is absolutely no reason to assume or accuse me or my disabled family member of being a thief! And no proof to validate such accusations or attempt of such actions. I will never support, or spend anymore money at any Family Dollar again. These people can create a huge legal dispute and legal responsibility if proven to the courts that that was a complete LIE and no reason to validate any assumption of stealing or given them any reason for them to even be suspicious of stealing from that company/store…that could hold the company accountable for that by treating innocent people like criminals! This its completely umacceptable and I will not stop here! I will tell everyone I know what happened and to be very careful of they do shop there in the future. I m outraged and disgusted and will never tolerate slander, false accusations or bring treated as anyone other than a law abiding citizens wiho pays for everything I need or want to purchase with my money! How dare them! Check security cameras and that will prove 100% no one stole anything ever or even attempted to, and everything we had was paid for in FULL with a receipt to prove it was paid for! Im going to the BBB and reporting them as well. That is so unfair to me, my family and any other customer they try to do this to in the future who did nothing of the sort ever!!!! Rediculous! Fire the employees who accused and attempted to slander and or profile as a criminal! They know who was working yesterday and today and told me what they thought and suspected we did but DID NOT!

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